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Body Glove
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One of the world's premier water sports brands.

Body Glove is a water sports company based in California. For 2021, they wanted to upgrade their packaging design for their top selling SUP’s. We were tasked with taking the 2020 packaging and giving it an exciting refresh specific to each SUP model. We were given a very detailed design brief with lots of room for creativity!

Intense focus on flow and cohesiveness.

We focus heavily on the flow and cohesiveness of packaging, ensuring harsh breaks are avoided and that the message is clearly and quickly conveyed. We wanted to bring elements from the products themselves into the packaging but have a consistency across all product model packages. With these product packages being for their top selling products, we were relentless with our attention to detail, ensuring everything was where it needed to be and designed properly.

Global design.

One of the biggest challenges in packaging such a product is how many details are needed and the sizing of those details relative to one another. These packages need to work on shelves around the globe so being multilingual and attractive was another large requirement.

A range of packages each with their own unique tweaks on standardized elements.

Body Glove was really impressed with the design. It was exactly what they were looking for. The complete set had all of the requirements in a new style, tightly packed in a clever design system. You can tell all of them are from the same company, but are differentiated enough that you know it’s a different model. We continue to work with Body Glove for various design needs.