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Elevation Helicopters' brand & website

Elevation Helicopters
Brand + Website Design
Logo, Color Scheme, Font, Brand elements, Website, Business Card, Business stationary.

A modern website & brand for an elevated company.

Elevation Helicopters is a locally owned and operated helicopter company based in Grande Prairie, Alberta. They offer both flight training and charter helicopter services. 

Elevation Helicopters was in search of a design company to build a new brand and website around their new name. With EN Creative being a highly recommended web and branding company in the helicopter industry, they reached out and got started right away.

Establish the brand, then develop a website to support it.

EN Creative approached the project in two parts; first we created the brand identity and then translated it into a website design. We utilize our standard process for both elements to ensure the project remained on budget, detail and timeline. 

In order to give the company a true identity, we drew on elements from the company's fleet of helicopters and their location. When developing the website, we utilized Squarespace to keep costs down and make it very easy to update. The design was completely customized to the brand in a simplistic yet creative way.

Stand out in a saturated market.

The helicopter services market in western Canada is heavily saturated therefore making it key that your website and brand stand out among the rest. The brand needed to be eye-catching and easily recognizable with a website that reflects the brand and is easy for prospective clients to use. The goal was simple, make it look great and back it up with a simplistic but informative and easy to use website. It needed to reflect the high level of service that the company provides.

A complete brand identity & modern website experience.

The brand identity was developed into three main parts; logo, color scheme & font, and supporting elements. The logo used elements such as the mountains in which they operate, the northern lights for their northern location, and the type of helicopter they fly. The color scheme needed to be vibrant and bold. The green gradient was used as the primary color with support from a grayscale set of colors. The font was selected for its similarity to the design of the R22,  and modern,  clean style. For the supporting elements, in order to keep it simplistic and applicable for different scenarios, we used the ‘S’ curve from the base of the rotor blades. 

The website was designed and developed in Squarespace. The design was completely customized using their new  brands colors, fonts, imagery, and element styles. We focused heavily on the user to ensure the information they need is easy to access and that they can get in touch very quickly. This was done by creating a user map and strategically placing content and conversion buttons. 

Elevation Helicopters is very happy with how the project has turned out and we continue to support them in their marketing needs!