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Woodchuk Enterprises' brand & website

Woodchuk Enterprises Ltd.
Brand + Website Design
Logo, Color Scheme, Font, Brand elements, Website, Business Card, Business stationary.

A unified presence in two unique industries.

Woodchuk Enterprises is a vegetation management & safety training company in Alberta. Their existing brand lacked depth and the company didn’t have a digital presence. When they looked around to their competitors, they realized neither did they. Woodchuk decided to capitalize on that opportunity and reached out to us to refresh their brand and design & develop a new modern website.

Standardized elements with different color schemes.

We approached this project from 2 aspects, branding and website. We started on the branding, creating a color palette with one core color, two secondary colors (one for each industry), and a supporting grayscale set. The logo was refined and adjusted to the new font which works well for both digital and print design. It was key to have a font for the logo that is very legible on equipment and machinery as well as documents and marketing materials. 

The website needed to be clean and simple with a homepage directing viewers to either vegetation management or safety training. We focused on the user journey ensuring that it was easy to hire out Woodchuk for their vegetation management or safety training needs.

An adaptable brand to two different needs.

With the company providing two very different services, the brand needed to be applicable to both industries. They wanted a unified design so it wouldn’t matter if you were hiring them for safety training or vegetation management, you still got the same high quality branding presence and professionalism.

Two versions of the same brand.

The result was a brand identity that adjusted the secondary color depending on the industry. For vegetation management, the color was a bold green, and for the safety training side, a dark blue was used. Both colors complimented the primary yellow really nicely. 

The website was designed and developed on Squarespace to keep costs down and make it easy for the company to update or edit content. The design was customized to the brand and structured for easy navigation.

Woodchuk Enterprises was incredibly happy with the project. We continue to support them with regular website updates, graphic design services and photography!