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Photos & videos made with purpose.

EN Creative captures the exact shot required for your needs. A photo is worth a thousand words, we make sure that each one of those words serves a purpose. Unique content is key to success for business. We love capturing the right angles that enhance your brand image. We don’t look for cool shots, we purposely take them and edit them to taste.

We love capturing those rare moments.

We have a love for creating products that make one feel. If we can have a positive impact on an individual's life through the magic of a photo or film, then we’re happy. We have the skill and passion behind the lens and computer to make that happen!

With the audience in mind.

We enjoy creating content that tells a story. We take the time to develop that story by creating a detailed shot list with all the photos and videos that we need to capture to tell it effectively. When on site we focus heavily on the subjects and capturing more than what we need. The editing is where we develop the style of the photo, creating a cohesive photo collection that accurately tells your story.

Photography & cinematography is one of our passions because you get to go out and capture raw experiences and then turn them into an edited photo or video that elicits a specific feeling.

We take photos & videos with purpose

“I started out borrowing cameras and gear from friends and family to get into photography. I have a strong background in editing but usually worked with photos from other photographers. I was finding that the shots weren’t exactly what I had in mind. So I approached photography from the angle of going out and setting up what was already in my mind. I love to shoot any type of photo now and have a certain style of photography & videography that is unique in this crowded marketplace.”

Ian - Founder & Creative Director | EN Creative

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