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We design brand identities and marketing collateral, both print and digital.

We are designers. Our job is to bring your vision to life, to communicate to your audience through visual elements. These elements are not random, they are carefully crafted to serve a specific purpose. We believe in minimalist design, getting the message across in as little fluff as possible. With over a decade of design experience, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver breathtaking and purpose driven design.

We specialize in creating brand identities such as logos, color schemes, graphic elements, typography, persona and so on. We then use the brand in the form of brochures, packaging, advertising, posters, stationary, and much more. When designing a brand identity, we like create  coherent design system that works in all its required purposes, whether that be on a business card, a website, a package, or the side of building. 

“At the base of it all, my goal is to create a bridge between the business and its customers through design. In order to do so, I need to have a solid understanding of both sides. I spend just as much time researching the audience and company as I do creating the design. The result is a powerful piece that makes communicating between business and customer a breeze.”

Ian Ladd

Design is art with function.

We love to solve problems and find solutions with design. The exciting part for us is taking a design brief and creating something that is truly bespoke and functional. That challenge is what drives us to design better.  

We are design obsessed in all aspects. We look to the past for inspiration of what has been done, and then we design for the future. We don’t like to design based on trends, we do our research to learn about your goals and create something that specifically achieves them.

We are design oriented.

Where most think of design as an afterthought, we integrate it at the core. Every element is intentionally placed to serve a purpose and add to the story. Our methodology of design is based on a river. Water flows down the path of least resistance and we take that to heart. The flow of our designs follow the path of least resistance for the user.

Over a decade in the field.

EN Creative has been designing brands, graphics, both print and digital products for over a decade. We have the experience and knowledge to deliver exactly what you have in mind and push that to it’s limit.

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