The Journey of EN Creative.

Who is EN Creative?

EN Creative is a Calgary based design firm specializing in Cartography, Wayfinding & Signage, Place Branding, Experiential Graphic Design, and Digital Experience.

We design, develop, and manage complex systems of visual communication that work. They enhance the user flow through a space or medium and exemplify the brand along the way. Our work is bespoke, precise, accurate and detailed. We are on our journey to design a more beautiful, inclusive, and accessible world. We look forward to joining you along the way.

To design a world that is more inclusive, accessible and beautiful by creating industry-leading communication materials for businesses and governments that are carefully crafted to make the world a better place for everyone.

What we believe in.


We believe that every aspect of a design should have a reason for being there. This way of thinking eliminates clutter and emphasizes the elements that we’d like the customer to see.


We believe that a company should continue to explore new ways to make something better, new ideas, new technology, and new horizons for the future. We don’t settle for the status quo, we continue to explore beyond where we are at and push the boundaries of design.


We believe that you have to be passionate about what you’re doing to create something great. We work with people who are passionate about their craft, business or vision.


We value building long lasting relationships with our clients and creative network. Even after a project has been launched, we continue to support our clients through design challenges they may face.

17 years in the making.

EN Creative got its start as a hat company under the name YUXA. At the tender age of 10, Ian wanted to build a Canadian clothing company that is environmentally friendly. The fabric Ian sewed his hats with was purchased with the money from the bottles he recycled. The business was his first introduction to entrepreneurship. As his interests expanded he changed the name and focused on design. EN came about from a friend misspelling Ian as En. He did random graphic design and mapping projects under the name EN from 2004 until 2010 for local businesses in his home town of Peace River, AB. 

With the years of graphic design under his belt, Ian formalized his passions by completing a Geography & Marketing degree at Concordia University in Montreal. While in Montreal, he evolved his graphic design business into a clothing company. It operated on the basis of providing high quality garments made with environmentally friendly fabrics.

With a degree in hand, he took an opportunity to move west and work as a marketing designer in the ski industry. Alongside his day job, he continued to develop his design business, eventually working solely as EN Creative in 2019.

An award winning creative company.

EN Creative is a growing, self sufficient creative company. We have gained a reputation as being one of the leading map design companies in Canada and our work through branding and web design has been recognized as industry leading across the province. We have taken a different path than the traditional growth path for a design firm. We have partnered with an exclusive team of creatives to augment our services. We continue to gain momentum by completing new and exciting projects for a growing client list while still staying true to our values. We have devoted ourselves to the world of cartography and design, absorbing inspiration from around the globe, which has resulted in creating maps & brands that are truly bespoke and ahead of the industry trends.

On a journey to design the world.

We are an ambitious company with the tallest summits in mind. We have set our targets and are currently on the journey to achieve them. We believe in striving to make dreams our reality. We fear stagnation and thrive on new experiences. Our ultimate goal is to become the world's leading environmental design firm creating maps, landscape architecture, urban design, and planning projects for everything from large scale city plans to mars exploration maps. We will become the world's most well known, advanced environmental design firm.

Ian Ladd

"I am simply following my passion for cartography, design, and adventure. This is where I'm happiest, creating things from scratch and utilizing my creativity to it's fullest potential. I realized at a young age to follow my passion. This is my purpose in life, to design the world to be a better place."

Ian - Principal Owner & Designer | EN Creative