Adventure is our process.

Our approach was learnt from the trail.

We are an adventurous creative company. We took notice of the strong similarities between the process of outdoor activities and those of a project. We like to call this process, The Adventure. The next section is a breakdown of that process that we hope you find yourselves on in the near future. Following that are 4 sections with information on what we do including Cartography, Design, Digital Experience, and Content Creation. Enjoy!

The Adventure


When starting out on an adventure, you must first do your research; Discover the area, learn the landscape, plan the trip. We take that same approach to our projects via a Discovery Stage. During this stage, we figure out what similar adventures you’ve been on, what you liked, what you didn’t like, what your vision is for this new one, what are the conditions of the adventure, and what must be achieved.


The drive to the trail head and getting oriented is the next step. We like to call this the Direction Stage. During this stage, the information gathered in the Discovery is distilled into a project brief with a clear direction to move forward in. At this point we have our Trail head meeting to ensure we are starting out on the right trail.


Now comes the ascent, which is broken down into 3 stages; Below Tree-line (Concept, C1), Tree-line (Build, C2), Alpine (Finalize, C3). Between each stage, we take a water break, to review what has been accomplished, check our compass, and continue to the next. During the Below Tree-line Stage, we build out concepts that are aligned with the findings in the Direction Stage. Next is the Tree-line Stage, often one of the most intense as it involves building out the project to a first draft; A point where you can see the Summit in the distance. The Alpine stage is one where the project is reviewed, tweaked, edited and completed. It is often one of the most challenging as it is the final push to the summit, but the reward is near.

Summit & Ski Down

You’ve reached the summit and are set to launch. We get the project all ready, boots done up, skis on, goggles down. And then it’s time to drop in. During this stage we launch the project, monitor it’s progress as the adrenaline kicks in and adjust as needed. We keep close to ensure the run goes smoothly, full of hoots & hollers with big smiles!


Once at the bottom, we reconvene for Après. We don’t leave you in the trees, instead we welcome you at the base with a cold beverage and good conversation. We continue our relationship, planning new adventures and reminiscing about the old ones.


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