The Elicit Series - Entry 1

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration. Drawn to a point.

The human experience continuously holds the opportunity to inspire. Every wisp of life surrounding us allows our minds to think creatively. The question is, where do we take it from there?

Raw and experimental, The Elicit Series is an expression of pure creativity. Free from boundaries and restraints, it is the result of pulling an idea from a world of inspiration.

The Natural World.

Picture this. You’re hiking along a ridge and the sun just dips below the peaks. The vista becomes rich in colour and the view takes your breath away. There is something so powerful and inexplicable about those experiences in nature. Those adventures fuel my creativity. I grew up in the forests of northern Alberta and spend any and all free time in Banff National Park. It’s my primary source of inspiration and happiness.

The natural environment is not only a source of great beauty, but also principles of the way things work. Like water flowing through a river, my design principles follow the same path of least resistance. A channeled force with an ocean of opportunity as it’s delta.

The Automotive World.

The world of car design fascinates me for the simple reason that design and function need to flow together. “Design with purpose”, En Creative’s design principle, is well represented here. Molding beautiful design styles to be aerodynamic and contribute to the cars performance is an art form in and of itself.

I take that same approach to my world of design. Editing photographs to be more applicable and contribute to the elicited emotion one receives from viewing it. Designing advertisements that cater to a specific audience’s preferences for colour, layout, font, and so on. Maps that are not only breathtaking works of art, but also function as a navigation tool with appropriate elements and styling.

Car design is a source of inspiration as much as it is a challenge for me. It challenges me to be more precise and creative with my designs while inspiring me to design for the future.

The world of Architecture

The world of architecture is fascinating. I can’t even begin to keep up with the latest and greatest. There are brilliant architects and design engineers out there creating gravity defying works of art crafted with personas that make you fall in love with them.

Behind all that beauty, is structure. The support that is not only part of the design, but also part of the function. I look at buildings from two angles, their flow, and their style. They have to be beautiful, but also need to withstand winds, floods, and an array of natural events that bombard them.

I apply that to my designs in that they need to be able to withstand questions and criticism. Everything needs to have a reason for being there.

I have a love for architecture and my free time while at home is spent designing buildings and structures. I am not satisfied with the way homes are being designed now-a-days. My core principle when it comes to design is that they need to harness the energy from their surroundings to reduce their impact. You’ll be seeing some of these designs appear as Elicit Series projects in the coming year.