Bespoke Brand Identities


We create brands that are relatable, modern, and functional.

We specialize in developing brand identities for places and businesses. We create a system of design including logos, color schemes, typography, graphic elements, and personas that are bespoke to the client. A unique brand enhances their image in the marketplace and makes them stand out over the competition.

We love the challenge of designing a bespoke brand that stands out from the crowd.

Designing brand identities is a challenge that we really enjoy. From discovering the unique elements and requirements from the client, to the creation of a logo that reflects the vision perfectly. We don't design based on trends, we build brand identities based on their vision and what resonates most with their customers.

We observe and analyze even the smallest of details

When take on a branding project, one of the most important steps is to really look at the business or place. The design essentially builds itself, using elements and features present in the real world. All we simply do is modify them into a consistent style and one that can be replicated across any medium. Brands from EN Creative are truly unique.

Because of our commitment to unique design.

We want to see your project succeed. A brand is not simply a logo and color scheme, its the whole person, how it interacts in the environment, how it presents itself, how it benefits its customers. We are a part of that process and we take great pride in developing unique design to exemplify your brand persona.

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