Map Design

Calgary International Airport Map

YYC Calgary Airport Authority
Map Design
One illustrated map

An illustrated map of the future.

The Calgary Airport Authority in collaboration with Cult Collective sought out an illustrator to create a map that would highlight the future growth of the airport to potential investors. Through our blending of graphic design and technical cartography, we were able to produce such a map.

Creative design based on real data.

Our approach was to create an isometric map sourced from technical data using ArcGIS pro and stylized in Adobe Illustrator. This would ensure the accuracy they required while allowing us creative freedom to design the map with fun feel to it. We took inspiration from theme park maps and futuristic airport designs when creating the look and feel of the map and future developments of the airport. We carefully crafted each element to match existing features and used up to date master plans of new developments to create the future features.

Excite the reader.

The audience is used to seeing maps and development plans. This project needed to stand out in their minds in a fun and exciting way. It needed to look less like a master plan with accurate data and more like a hand drawing. One of the key challenges was to maintain relative scale and accuracy while adding a fun flair to the project. In addition, the project needed to show what could be, and highlight different zones of the airport for development. These zones were designated by Cult Collective in a unique proposition similar to that of New York City and the various zones of the city.

Creative and accurate.

The final result was a map that was accurate yet very creative. It highlighted the zones desired in an easy to interpret way. It showcased the energy of the airport and what direction they’re headed in. The map was used as a gift to investors and in a take-away booklet explaining the plans for the various zones. Both Cult Collective & The Calgary Airport Authority were very pleased with the result and were impressed with the simplicity and attention to detail in the map.