Map Design

Canadian Pacific Maps 2020

Canadian Pacific
Map Design
A collection of print & digital maps.

Standardized maps for one of Canada’s largest companies.

Canadian Pacific sought out a cartographer to standardize their marketing maps set. The set included a variety of maps from detailed small scale overview maps to large scale resource maps. The project was a massive team effort between their marketing team and EN Creative.

Consistency is key.

We approached the project from a consistency standpoint, ensuring every detail on every map was consistent with Canadian Pacific’s brand guidelines. We used their guidelines in creative ways to enhance the clarity of the maps and ease of use for readers. Each map had the standardized elements, and was built out using the same system, which ensured consistency. This also allowed us to set up each file for future changes, making them easier to edit and find different elements quickly.

Carefully crafted to the intended audience.

Each map had a specific purpose, showing exactly what was needed and nothing more. The purpose of each map heavily dictated the design and scale, requiring many renditions to be made. The challenge was to maintain the styling and visuals across such a variety of maps. Each color choice, font size, and symbol had to be designed to hold up across multiple sizes of varying complexity.

Simplified maps, easily editable files, and beautiful design.

Canadian Pacific was very pleased with the results and the speed at which we were able to create these maps with a high degree of accuracy. The beautiful design was the result of utilizing Canadian Pacific’s color palette to its fullest potential. In addition to these maps being simple and beautiful, our approach allowed the maps to be easily edited to accommodate future needs.