Creative Map Making


We create maps that communicate your message better.

We make maps that tell a story. Using cartography as a communication tool is our specialty. In a world cluttered with text & images, we strive to integrate maps as a key component of communication. Our maps are tailored to the purpose. We take the same approach to maps as you would with packing for a backpacking trip; pack the essentials, and keep it light. Whatever is on the map has a purpose for being there. We do the research to understand what the audience needs to know and what they’ll respond to. We blend design & marketing into a map so cleverly you don’t even realize it, it just feels right.


“It’s my passion. I have been creating maps since I was 6 years old. A lot of my goals in life revolve around being one of the world's greatest cartographers. This isn’t just a career for me, it’s my life’s mission statement. I am a designer. I specialize in geo design communications, creating maps, layouts, plans and experiences. I have an excellent sense of spatial awareness and where something is in relation to another.”

Ian Ladd

Maps with Purpose.

We start simple. Our maps are built to serve a purpose. Once we have the purpose, it guides every aspect of the map, what is on it, and what is not. We use our creativity to create maps that are easier to read and understand. Maps tell a story, we believe that any user should be able to understand that story within a minute of looking at it.

We craft the story through our expertise in map making.

We aren’t your typical cartography & design company. These skills have been developed out of passion. Passion for absorbing what exists and creating better maps. We put all our effort into designing maps that achieve our clients goals faster, more efficient and with the future in mind. We are able to do so because of our experience and knowledge that we have gained over the past decade in this field.

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